Highgate Hypnosis is an independent hypnotherapy practice in Highgate, North London which has been operating since 2004.

Highgate Hypnotherapy Practice was founded by Hypnotherapist Cheyne Towers in 2004. For over a decade Cheyne has been helping people to lead happier, healthier and more confident lives.

In the late 1990’s Cheyne started studying under the late Dr. Vernon Bell, a highly experienced hypnotherapist, who was a founder member of the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists in 1951. Cheyne studied with Dr Bell as his private student until his passing in 2004, drawing from the vast experience and skillset Dr bell had formed over four decades.

Cheyne is a fully insured member of the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists, and is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, and The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards (U.S.A).

Hypnotherapy is designed to harness the full positive potential of the focused mind and will, naturally enabling the client to let go of negative patterns of internal dialogue and associated behaviours. The approaches and techniques used by Cheyne are a combination of indirect hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This means that the clients’ first session is spent discovering the root of the problem and therefore all new clients are requested to reserve two hours for their first appointment.

The key to health and well being is within us all. How we think and feel can directly determine our quality of life,  so it’s well worth considering, what we can do to transform our old negative tendencies and conditioning into profound and long lasting inner strengths.

For appointment bookings call:

0208 352 9827