"Working with Cheyne Towers has been a very illuminating experience.

What sets him apart from other professionals is that he does not profess to have all the text book answers, he does not need to know all the sordid details of our experiences, all he needs from his clients is an open mind and heartfelt intention to heal themselves. 

Once he has an openness and a willingness to learn shared freely, he is a wealth of healing just by his calming presence, his knowledge and understanding of emotional pain, the effects on the body, heart and mind are unsurpassed within any framework I have experienced before. 

I feel empowered beyond measure through a few short sessions, I’ve gained life skills which have been reaffirmed again and again growing in strength all the time. Very skilfully done, Cheyne looked at what was already within me and empowered me to build on it, giving me a solid foundation from which to flourish and grow. 

Having gone through 30+ years of on-off conventional ‘therapy’ including cognitive, EMDR, PTSD talking therapy, medication, unconventional anaesthetic behaviour patterns to numb myself from the pain, in only being involved for a very short time with Cheyne’s work I felt very different, empowered and no longer lost or afraid of myself or more importantly, my memories, as I found true self acceptance, something which I’d never experienced before especially not within any form of ‘therapy’ work as I always felt drained and the total opposite of growing or understanding of my own pain and what to do to overcome it in order to live a long inspiring healthy life.

A desire to live and be inspiring is something I’ve never really cherished before, I was damaged goods as far as society was concerned, not trusted, not accepted and certainly not treated as a whole person. I have that now and it is priceless.

A little background, from an early age I lived through years of emotional, mental, physical torture, sexual abuse, stigma, outcast patterns, pushed aside, as an adult woman domestic violence, sexual abuse and violent rape. Despite all of this I was still standing but felt like a huge part of me had been missing for a very long time or hidden away so deeply it was impossible to reach me fully. My progress was often therefore blocked because my heart and my mind did not match each other as the balance between emotional pain felt and being able to numb myself to a degree which enabled me to carry on being a mother, wife, sister, partner, friend, professional, advocate, was too great a force to deal with alone.

I found backup quite by chance and began working with Cheyne. Its by far THE best decision and leap of faith I’ve ever taken. I can not express in words how much it means to me to be able to place my hand on my heart or forehead and once and for all be able to say “I am not damaged goods, I am a person and I am shining today”.

Thank you Cheyne for being an illuminating presence within my life and my profession, for the simple skills in listening and understanding you have shown me by your own example." Helen Rose Jacobs, HonMBPsS CPH DPCPsychtry DClinPsychol CrimPsychol MA BSc(hons) BA(hons)

“Before Cheyne, I had seen many therapist, some better than others but I felt that none of them truly understood or listened to me and therefore were unable to help me. When I am trying to describe how he has helped me, I only hope my words can do justice.

When I first started seeing him, I was in a very dark and negative place, didn’t particularly have faith in therapists as I had already seen so many. Unlike others he genuinely cared and listened, never judged. His calming energy made it easy for me to relax, trust and open up. Without me telling, he could easily spot the issues and problems.

After each session I felt a little bit better than I had before. He didn’t just only listen, he taught me tools how to cope and how to face the challenges that life throws at us with grace and dignity.

It’s been a long journey but finally I am on the right path. I started as a very messed up, insecure girl and I have transformed into confident woman who knows her own value (even more so every day). I finally feel that I own my own life and that I am in charge of it. I recommend Cheyne to anyone. He is a fantastic therapist and I feel truly blessed that I found him.” Sirle, London.

“My time with Cheyne lead to major positive changes in my life.  Cheyne taught me very powerful techniques which changed the way I spoke to and about myself, allowing negative patterns to fall away.” Santi.

“I’ve been seeing Cheyne for almost 8 years now and I’ve learnt a hell of a lot. Cheyne has equipped me with transformational tools I didn’t even know existed, which have always been there. I now feel more capable than ever and some of the techniques I have learnt over these years have really helped me find myself and become the person I truly am. I feel as though you cannot label the work Cheyne does, other than the fact it helps you self discover. Cheyne has simply helped me to find and make practical use of these tools, which prior to having sessions with Cheyne, I did not know existed.” ZN, (20 years old).

“Cheyne’s techniques are subtle and deeply supportive.  He very gently encouraged me to explore the blocks in my life and helped me silence the negative inner chat that had plagued me for most of my life.  He has helped me to accept all of myself and see my place in the world.  I will be forever grateful. Thank you  Cheyne.”

Sarah, London.

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